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Project Desk Pricing
  4 Users/0 MB Package
  10 Users/50 MB Package
  20 Users/100 MB Package
  40 Users/200 MB Package
  100 Users/500 MB Package
FREE Account 

Your FREE account includes:
  Instant Account Set-up
  Create up to 2 projects
  Invite 4 Users on your projects for Free
  Project Organizer to create, organize and manage project and task-related activities.
  Task Organizer to schedule, assign and track tasks to all your team members.
  Report Generator to generate project reports and view the project status.
  Resource Builder to build a team with team members - anywhere, anytime.
  Email Notification to keep the team members completely informed.
  Online Discussions to discuss project related issues.
  Free Email Support to provide quick answers to your technical questions.
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Project Desk monitors your FREE account constantly to provide you with uninterrupted services.

If your FREE account exceeds the 4 users or 2 projects limit, you may purchase your account for up to 10, 20,40 or 100 Users and additional facilities that includes Document Space  to upload and maintain project related documents. This FREE account has been provided, so that you can evaluate the services offered. Any misuse of the account will result in its immediate closure. Incase of inactivity, for more than 30 days your account will be automatically deleted.

If you have any questions related to our pricing plan, view our FAQ's section to get quick answers or contact us for more information.

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